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Ruckus Roundtable - Civic Engagement
10/20/2020 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


  • $20.00  -  Suggested Donation
  • $5.00  -  Adulting is hard, but I can give this!
  • Free  -  Not in the budget, but I want to be there!
  • $100.00  -  Count me in & pay it forward for 4 others!
  • $250.00  -  Let’s get everyone to come! I’ll use my privilege to make it accessible.


Does getting involved in activism ever feel like a maze too hard to navigate? Have you found yourself wanting to get involved in your school or community, but not sure where to start? Here's a hint - there's no one path! Come hang out with us (virtually) to hear from some local folks who forged their own ways.

Ruckus Roundtables are a series of online conversations specifically designed for middle-school & up, but all ages are welcome. Set up the computer at the dinner table, sign on with a friend, or join us however makes sense for you!

This is an all ages conversation because it takes all ages to make change together.

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